It’s quiet this morning . . . quite a difference from yesterday afternoon. This is the morning after my first Open Studio since the pandemic, and I can’t believe I took no photographs. So as I sit outside the studio, watching a blue jay perch on an empty easel and flowers bloom in the sunshine, these words will be my reminder of the joy that comes with sharing art and stories, along with the camaraderie of friends old and new.

The energy in my little studio filled with fellow artists, teachers and creatives of all kinds was simply amazing. Contact info was shared by many as we found more commonalities at a time when we see so much divisiveness in the world. Art has power, and I, for one, believe that coming together to celebrate art is coming together with hearts full of love. It’s about gratitude to have the means to create and the means to purchase. It’s about focusing on positives, like what works speak to us and what feelings are invoked while studying the colors, textures, strokes and marks. It’s about sharing. Many guests to the Open Studio brought a guest, exposing them to the new adventure of art collecting. As I said, the energy was amazing!

It is with great appreciation and lots of love that I write these words to remind me of another inspirational and joyful exchange called Open Studio. Thanks to all who followed their heart and journeyed into my world of art. No photos required. See you at the next one!